Code of Ethics

Colorado Archaeological Society

Members of the Colorado Archaeological Society will:                                         Rev. April 2017

1. Uphold local, state and federal antiquities laws;
2. Support policies and educational programs designed to protect our cultural heritage and our State’s
3. Encourage protection and discourage exploitation of archaeological resources.
4. Encourage the study and recording of Colorado’s archaeological and cultural history and take an
active part by participating in field and laboratory work to develop new and significant
information about the past;
5. Assist whenever possible in locating, mapping, and recording archaeological sites within Colorado
using State Site Survey forms.
6. Conduct field and/or laboratory activities using professionally accepted standards;
7. Accept the responsibility, if serving as Principal Investigator, to publish the results of the
investigation and to make the collection available for further scientific study;
8. Support only scientifically and legally conducted archaeological activities and never participate in
conduct involving dishonesty, deceit or misrepresentation about archaeological matters;
9. Not condone the sale, exchange or purchase of artifacts obtained from illegal activities;
10. Respect the property rights of landowners;
11. Report vandalism to appropriate authorities;
12. Be sensitive to the cultural histories and spiritual practices of groups that are the subject of
archaeological investigation; and
13. Remember that cultural resources are not renewable and do not belong to us, but are ours to
respect, study and enjoy.