Greenacre Scholarship

The James and Doris Greenacre Scholarship

The Northern Colorado Chapter/CAS created the James Greenacre Scholarship Fund in 1996 using funds donated by Doris Greenacre in memory of her husband, James Greenacre. In his life of diverse achievements, Mr. Greenacre, a Fort Collins native, worked as an archaeologist at the Lindenmeier site, assisted in mapping the moon at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, and was a Northern Colorado Chapter/CAS member.

How to Apply

The Northern Colorado Chapter/CAS may award a total of up to $300 to a student who will be presenting a paper or poster at an upcoming archaeological conference.

The Scholarship Committee will select one recipient and award an amount based on the quality of the application, the estimated financial need, and the balance of the scholarship fund.

Applicant must be:

  • Registered graduate or undergraduate student at Colorado State University or University of Northern Colorado.
  • Majoring or minoring in anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology.
  • Primary author and presenter of the paper or poster.

Applicant must submit:

  • Cover letter including the applicant’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, and signature agreeing to the terms outlined on this form.
  • Brief summary of academic accomplishments, fieldwork experience, and research interests.
  • Written letter of reference from a professor of anthropology or professional archaeologist.
  • Name, date, and location of the conference, along with an abstract of the presentation.
  • Itemized list of estimated expenses required to attend the conference. Preference will be shown for applications that minimize expenses by sharing costs (e.g., sharing a room, carpooling, etc.), or that benefit more than one student (e.g., renting a vehicle that will transport several students to the conference, etc.).
  • All materials to Northern Colorado Chapter/CAS at least two months before the conference. If the applicant cannot meet this deadline, the Chapter may still consider a late application.

Award recipient must:

  • Acknowledge the Greenacre Scholarship Fund and the Northern Colorado Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society in the poster or presentation.
  • Present the paper or poster at a regular program of the Northern Colorado Chapter/CAS.
  • Return the award if the recipient does not attend the conference as intended.

Mail application to:
Greenacre Scholarship
Northern Colorado Chapter – CAS
P.O. Box 271513
Fort Collins, CO 80527

*Note: When the fund is depleted it may take time for your application to be filled.