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Dr. Robert Brunswig

Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory of the Central and Southern Rocky Mountains:

Preview of the Forthcoming Spirit Lands Book

Between one and two thousand years ago, many archaeologists believe Uto-Aztecan language speaking hunter-gatherers began generations-long migrations (the so-called Numic Spread) from modern-day southern California into the Great Basin and beyond into the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau. In historic times, the Ute and Shoshone tribes, part of a larger Numic (Uto-Aztecan) cultural tradition in the American West, represented most descendent groups of those hunter-gatherers in the central and southern Rocky Mountains. A soon-to-be-published book edited by this presenter, Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear, brings together fifteen chapters on current theory, method, and knowledge of Ute and Shoshone historic archaeology and ethnohistory in the Rockies. This presentation summarizes book’s authors’ insights and new information on eastern Numic archaeology and history, including recent archaeological finds, the emergence of Numic sacred landscape archaeology, and newly documented cultural relationships of prehistoric and history co-landscape occupier and neighboring non-Numic native cultures with Ute and Shoshone ancestors.

Bob Brunswig is Professor Emeritus at the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Colorado, USA). He has directed archaeology research projects in the southern Rocky Mountains for more than thirty years, specializing in long-term reconstruction of cultural and natural systems within ecologically and climatically evolving landscapes. His mountain research makes extensive use of high-resolution Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in archaeological survey and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and settlement pattern analysis. Dr. Brunswig has edited, and contributed chapters to, several books, contributed chapters for more than two dozen other edited volumes and conference proceedings, and authored or co-authored articles in fifteen academic journals. His most recent professional activities include a fall-winter 2016-17 Fulbright Fellow appointment at Poland’s Jagiellonian University (Krakow) and completion of a pending publication of a Numic (Ute and Shoshone) archaeology and ethnohistory-themed edited volume, Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear (University Press of Colorado), on which the current presentation to the Colorado Archaeological Society Fort Collins Chapter is based.

Will be in the Big Thompson Room

Program Date: May 10th


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