The Northern Colorado Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society meets on the 2nd Weds of each month (unless otherwise noted). Programs are being scheduled for the summer. Board Meetings are the 2nd Weds of each month at 5pm (Before our program evening, unless otherwise noted).

April Board Meeting will be at the Old Chicago’s at 5pm, 1436 Hahns Peak Dr, Loveland, Co.

New Venue

Medical Center of the Rockies

2500 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Loveland,  Colorado  80538 Big Thompson Room

It is handicap accessible.

All programs are free and open to the public.

Dr. Chris Johnston

Running of the Buffalo: The Archaeology of the Roberts Buffalo Jump (5LR100), Northern Colorado.

A great deal of research on bison kills has been completed since the Roberts Buffalo Jump (5LR100) was first reported in 1971. This, coupled with advancements in faunal analysis methods and spatial analytic techniques, allows for new discussions about an important yet somewhat forgotten site. This talk begins with a brief overview of bison hunting for the past 10,000 years, showing changes in methods and intensity over time. I then will describe the results of my MA thesis research, which uses new data from the collection to explore different aspects of the Roberts. At least 19 adult and sub adult bison were driven over a cliff and heavily processed around A.D. 1680. The faunal data, along with new data on the modified stone, modified bone, and ceramic assemblage, are used to explore how the bonebed and other site materials are spatially organized.

Chris Johnston is the Assistant State Archaeologist of Colorado. He is formerly a Project Archaeologist and Lab Supervisor for Paleocultural Research Group in Broomfield and a Project Archaeologist for the Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology, Colorado State University. He received his MA from CSU where he conducted research on communal bison hunting at the Roberts Buffalo Jump (5LR100), and his BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has worked on a variety of field and lab projects across Colorado and the greater Plains and Rocky Mountain regions. He has also worked as a field tech in both CRM and for the Forest Service. Chris, along with his MA advisor Jason LaBelle, recently co-edited a volume for Southwestern Lore called the Lithic Caches of Colorado. Chris also is currently the Treasurer for the Plains Anthropological Society.

Will be in the Big Thompson Room

Program Date: April 12th


6:30 PM

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7:00 PM

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