Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Northern Colorado Chapter (NCC) of the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) has been promoting and participating in Colorado Archaeology for over twenty-five years.



The Colorado Archaeological Society is a non-profit organization committed to the stewardship of archaeological resources in Colorado. We achieve this through public education, research, conservation, and enhanced opportunities for responsible participation in archaeology for interested individuals and organizations.

Upcoming events:

March Chapter Meeting

  • Who: Speaker presentation by Dr. Edward Henry
  • When: 6:30pm, Wednesday, April 17
  • What: Ritual Dispositions, Adena-Hopewell Enclosures, and the
    Passing of Time: A Monumental Biography of the
    Winchester Farm Enclosure in Central Kentucky, USA
    • Adena-Hopewell geometric enclosures have inspired
      much conversation concerning the nature of Middle
      Woodland ceremonialism in the Eastern Woodlands of
      the United States. However, rarely are the full biographies
      of these sites realized. Recent research at Winchester
      Farm provided the data necessary to develop a long-term
      biographical perspective on site construction, use, and
      abandonment. In this presentation, I argue the enclosure
      was built around a central feature previously used by
      Adena-Hopewell societies for ritual gatherings, and later
      ritually ‘closed’ by refilling the ditch. The biography I
      present suggests Adena-Hopewell ceremonialism
      occurred longer than thought in this region and facilitated
      the flow of objects, people, and ideas through the region.
  • Where: Andrew G. Clark Building, 1200 Center Ave. Mall
    Fort Collins, CO 80523
    Colorado State University
    Room A204


If you have any questions regarding upcoming events, please email info@casncc.org