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A day of Archaeology at Roberts Ranch

Today at Roberts Ranch, CAS members and others alike from groups such as OCTA and Larimer County Historical Society started showing up one by one and a real sense of interest and excitement started building for the day ahead. As we were properly lead into the archaeological site and understood that it was an active dig; undoubtedly many knew that they would be in for a real treat soon due to the speaker today Dr. Jason LaBelle the Director of the Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology and a Professor at Colorado State University, a well spoken, down-to-earth and knowledgeable gentleman that is very good at speaking with groups.

Dr. Jason Labelle explaining what the CSU Field School is currently working on here at the Roberts Ranch archaeological site here in Larimer County

To be with a group of people who have the same interests is a wonderful thing. The thirst for knowledge of the past peoples of this landscape is truly a fascinating thing to see and when you are all there together to better gain an understanding of the ancient peoples and the way they lived, you feel like you are part of something bigger, almost envisioning the past as you stand there in the field wondering how it may have been all those years ago.

As we headed up the small incline, we met up with the CSU Field School and saw them sifting and brushing away in the windswept fields. They graciously took time out of their day to introduce themselves and explain what they were all working on and why it was of interest to them.

Several students of the CSU Field School hard at work uncovering the past to learn more and better understand this place in Northern Colorado

As the cloudy skies kept rolling by, we finally came to the end of the tour of the various sites here today at Roberts Ranch, and Dr. LaBelle came to a perfect stopping point in his speeches and we all thanked him graciously for his time and knowledge on the subject of this fascinating place today, as he also thanked us for showing up and understanding the protection and importance of these lands we set foot on today. The insight spread about the group today was absolutely brilliant and extremely fascinating. Everyone undoubtedly left with a better understanding of this wonderful and beautiful place and all questions were answered perfectly by our host. A great day to be in Colorado!

…Well, as this our first post as the Northern Colorado Chapter, if you read this then we encourage you to join up with our chapter of CAS or the closest one near you and learn more about local and statewide Archaeology if you are interested. Thanks for reading!

Northern Colorado Chapter, CAS

July 2022

Jon Suhy, VP

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